What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

from by HorribleGirl

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I read some Raymond Carver, watched a stupid crime drama, and really wanted an excuse to use the line "I love you like dogs love anti-freeze"

in all seriousness tho-

Love is one of those weird, hard to pin down things,
because abusers claim they love their victims,
doctors love their patients, yet we have more surgeons instead of physicians who practice preventative care,
the western world claims to love the people of the middle east,
but we constantly kill their citizens.
and so on and so on.

so what is love? I dunno, but I sing about it waaaaaay to much.


I love you like dogs love anti-freeze
I love you like doctors love heart disease,
I love you like UN drones love the middle east,
I love you like kids love guns on TV

I love you like a mother loves the Man-Killed-By-A-Car
once his organs go to science so her daughter gets a brand new heart,

Let's drink Gin until we start to get loud,
then I'll grab a pair of pliers and rip that aching tooth out of your mouth

I love you like the Boogieman loves your screams,
I love you like nightlights love bad dreams,
we talk about love but we don't know what we means
when we talk about love, we don't talk about anything.
when we talk about love, we talk about everything.

(I love you)


from How To Date A Severed Head, released October 29, 2016




HorribleGirl Greenville, South Carolina

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