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I'm really really gross okay?

But I'm really, really, fascinated/comforted by the fact that when we die every single compound in our body nourishes something else, and become the building blocks for a billion different other things, so I looked up a paper on how exactly bacteria and stuff break down organic matter and use it to build new things. So yeah. learning is cool.


The World is a foul place, everything decays at some point, and then something else takes its place and it's made of the same thing.

In so many years, when you're ammonia and nitrogen, diazatrophs bind the lines of ions, like bars of iron, to build, new green towers.

there's mold in the shower, devouring flesh,
do you feel like a coward when you grab for the bleach?
I feel like a killer when my hands are slick.
I reach for the cup by the sink and don't think about the million things in the glass
I don't know what happens next, but there is acid and division and every last decision is based on "If you destroy you must create," and "if it's toxic it must change, but what is toxic has a place and serves a purpose,"

the earth was here before us, we don't know it but it knows us, and yeah, I know its gross, but the dirt below your toes is composed of blood and bones and shit, yeah,
your dad's a part of it, and your dog's a part of it
and your mom's a part of it, what you hate's a part of it,
and what you love's a part of it,
and I'm a part of it, and you're a part of it.


from How To Date A Severed Head, released October 29, 2016




HorribleGirl Greenville, South Carolina

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