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So this song is about two kinds of love- the kind've love that you feel for yourself, that reminds you that you're important, no matter what anyone else says, and the kind've romantic love the holds no expectations and delusions about itself, the comforts but doesn't lie about what it can do.

It's also about drinking too much and not really doing anything and being perfectly okay with that.


God wrapped his long, cold hands around my throat,
I held my breath.
It was August in the south, and my ceiling fan was down,
my sheets are soaked in sweat.

I never really listened to words he said,
because all he ever told me is "I wish you were dead,"
the cicadas sing along with the records here,
God be damned, I'm gonna make it through this year,

We were dancing by the roots of the sunset tree
a plastic bottle full of Dewar's tucked between my knees,
we were on fire then.

Sunlight was bouncing off the ring for your keys,
and you said. "babe I'll take us anywhere that we wanna be,"
It's a long dark road, one day we'll face our fears,
but for right now, I'm happy right here,
burning with you.

I wish that I could tell you everything will be fine,
but I guess that we'll find out with time,
so put on another of the records here,
God be damned, we're gonna make it through this year


from How To Date A Severed Head, released October 29, 2016




HorribleGirl Greenville, South Carolina

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